Tune Up

A Microsoft Analysis Services "Tune Up" is a great was to insure that you are getting the maximum analytic capabilities out of your cube.  It will also give you a "second opinion" or "validation" of your model.  Analysis Services Tune Ups can be accomplished remotely or on-site.  The duration of a Tune Up is usually 1 - 4 days.

Topics covered during an tune up

  • Insure that hierarchy relationships are set up properly in each of the dimensions;
  • Check that the date dimension is set up properly so that a date calculations dimension will calculate properly.
  • Are date calculations like YTD, Pr Yr, etc. needed?  If so, help put those in place.
  • Are named sets like "current day", "current month", etc. needed?  If so, help put those in place.
  • Review of user interface with cube.  (Names, folders, visible attributes, etc.)
  • What about security?  Is there dimensional level security and does it need to by dynamic?  If so, help put those in place.
  • Analyze the cube partitioning strategy.  Is it a fit for query activity?  Are the partitions good size?
  • Review of cube processing.  Does the cube need partial processing every day?
  • Are aggregations set properly?  If not, then help put that into place.